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The AI revolution: Are any jobs safe?

It is not known exactly what percentage of jobs today existed 100 years ago, however, some have estimated that this figure to be less than 10%. This means that if history has anything to tell us, 90% of the jobs today will not exist in 100 years time. While that…

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Daniel Calo on nine news talking about amazon entering Australia

Amazon announces its entrance into Australia

Amazon finally announces its entrance into the Australian market. It is planning to construct a suburb-sized warehouse to accommodate its plethora of products. This will no doubt give Australian small business great opportunity to market and deliver their offerings on a global scale more efficiently than ever before. I would…

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futurenation.co Amazon

How Amazon will dominate Aussie groceries…. eventually.

The Australian grocery industry has been dominated by Coles and Woolworths since the inception of the supermarket itself. These giants have enjoyed huge market share, dominance and price leadership for many decades. There has been much controversy as to whether Aldi can grab a major piece of that market share,…

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