How the ​sharing economy is changing retail, with Marshall Hughes – Episode 002

How the ​sharing economy is changing retail, with Marshall Hughes – Episode 002

Marshall has a 25 year background in freight and logistics.

His expertise in logistics operations and passion for solving complex problems creatively, led him to build one of the worlds first platforms that connects shoppers with shoppers.

By leveraging underutilised resources and tapping into the booming sharing economy, Marshall’s platform Passel, is levelling the playing field, providing physical presence retailers, an opportunity to better compete with their online competitors.

Episode Highlights:

  • The inspiration behind Passel, identifying an opportunity in the marketplace [2:26]
  • Preparation for entrepreneurship through The Founder Institute [3:34]
  • Passel’s clients [4:47]
  • The technology that powers Passel, working with Swinburne University,  using AI to predict user behaviour [5:25]
  • The sharing economy, past and present and driving forces [7:11]
  • The gig economy vs the sharing economy [8:26]
  • The courier/delivery industry, size and scope. Is there room for more players? Consumers need more options [11:33]
  • The disruption to existing business models, namely fighting back against online and giving physical presence retailers an opportunity to get more sales [13:15]
  • Innovation in retail & the sharing economy, beacon technology, partnering with other tech companies to advance the speed of innovation. Reimagining distribution efficiency [14:28]
  • The Sharing economy past retail, carpooling, car-parts, social services [16:44]
  • How organisations can take advantage of the sharing economy, leasing excess capacity, improving asset efficiency [17:33]
  • Fostering innovation within an organisation, predicting the future, protecting your teams and career paths of staff [18:49]
  • Marshalls’ personal strategies for success, preparing for an innovative mindset and remaining motivated [21:50]

Additional Resources:

Passel’s Website:

Contact Marshall: [email protected]

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