You are currently viewing Driving team innovation through coworking, with Brad Krauskopf – Episode 003

Driving team innovation through coworking, with Brad Krauskopf – Episode 003

Brad is one of the pioneer’s of the coworking movement.

The GFC of 2007 brought with it a rapidly changing workforce. Brad saw this disruption as an opportunity to provide a new type of customer-centric, agile and diverse co-working environment for not only freelancers and start-ups, but provide scalable solutions for the ever-changing corporate workforce.

Today he is the CEO of Hub Australia, providing, innovative workspace solutions to over 3000 members working in 20,000 square meters of premium office space.

Episode Highlights:

  • The coworking movement on the back of the GFC, the driving force of coworking [2:14]
  • The ‘Hub Australia’ story [4:41]
  • The corporate explosion in coworking, why large organisations are leveraging coworking environments [7:28]
  • The benefits that coworking has for teams [10:16]
  • The corporate strategy of coworking, responding to markets, leveraging a flexible workforce and the role of diversity [12:30]
  • Creativity and team culture strategy, the importance of mixing different people from different departments to encourage creativity [13:47]
  • Using coworking to test remote markets in an agile way [15:11]
  • Flexible terms in coworking enable agility and adaptability to evolving markets [16:03]
  • The disruption that coworking has caused to commercial real estate [16:46]
  • The changing workforce, millennials and the expectation of what work looks like today [18:07]
  • The future of coworking, landlords getting more involved, brands will evolve and provide hotel-like services. Virtual reality raises the bar. Mental health and wellness challenges in the future [19:44]
  • Personal strategies for success and innovation, being diverse, travelling, learning. innovation is an iterative process [22:15]

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