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How automation is changing market research, with Tim Clover – Episode 005

Tim is a data analytics and problem-solving guru.

As a former director of PWC, Tim has worked with some of the worlds leading brands, deploying the latest automation technologies to help his clients better collect and interpret their big data. 

In 2013 Tim left PWC and set himself on a mission to democratise market research by creating a new and powerful market research platform that leverages data with both automation and machine learning.

Today, Tim is the CEO of Glow, a platform that has successfully lowered the barriers of entry to market research and provides its users from start-ups to large corporates, fast, accurate and actionable insights into their brands like never before.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tim’s inspiration behind Glow [5:34]
  • Traditional market research methods and their shortcomings [7:20]
  • The cost-benefits of using automation in market research [8:43]
  • The current barriers to market research [9:53]
  • How a brand leveraged research for its retail packaging and won [11:04]
  • Using market research early vs late in the product lifecycle and the importance of designing quality throughout the  life cycle [12:50]
  • The traditional agency model and how automation will change the landscape and disrupt existing agencies [15:13]
  • Research technologies within retail [18:55]
  • AI in market research, the impact on jobs. Behavioural and attitudinal segmentation and the future of predicting purchasing behaviour [20:23]
  • The adoption challenges of automation in market research [24:40]
  • Disruption to the workforce in research & how organisations will benefit from research automation [27:13]
  • The strategy of research and the importance of sharing data through the supply chain [29:16]
  • Team innovation and keeping the vision strong [34:53]
  • Tim’s Personal success strategies and inspirations [36:48]

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