How Vinomofo built a community​ of loyal  mofos, with Justin Dry | Episode 010

How Vinomofo built a community​ of loyal mofos, with Justin Dry | Episode 010

Justin’s entrepreneurial journey began when was 10 years old, where he provided lawn mowing and car wash services for his neighbourhood. 

From there he progressed through various ventures until he realised his true passion for wine, where he then spent his university years studying winemaking.

It was while shopping for premium wine that Justin saw a market opportunity to sell wine without all the BS and bowties.

So he set himself on a mission to build a brand that spoke the language of wine to the everyday person.

After a few iterations, Vinomofo was born. A brand that was true to its core and removed the intimidation factor that was traditionally associated with selling premium wines.

Today Justin is the CEO and co-founder of Vinomofo, an e-commerce wine retailer that employs over 130 people in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and is changing the way people perceive and engage with premium wines.

Episode Highlights:

  • Justin’s backstory [1:54]
  • Vinomofo brand name origins [4:40]
  • The business origins and iterations that led to brand success [7:44]
  • The disruption to wine and retail [18:29]
  • Vinomofo’s future plans, partnership with Garry Vaynerchuk and more [22:05]
  • The merger with Catch Of The Day and the lessons learned [26:33]
  • The competitive landscape, Amazon and understanding your market position to better develop your market segment.[37:24]
  • Just some wine talk and Justin’s favourite wine [41:47]
  • Justin’s personal day to day routines and personal success strategies [44:12]
  • Book recommendation [46:28]

Additional Resources:

Vinomofo’s website:

Justin Dry – LinkedIn

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