How Rotageek is re-inventing employee scheduling, with Nick Mann | Episode 007

How Rotageek is re-inventing employee scheduling, with Nick Mann | Episode 007

Nick is the CTO of Rotageek, an employee rostering platform that uses automation to improve organisational efficiency.

Nick first started programming at the age of 7, when he received his very first computer.

By the age of 16, Nick got his first job as a software programmer within the automotive industry. There he learned the importance of agility and moving fast.

In the following years, Nick progressed to various software roles within both automotive and tourism.

In 2009 Nick co-founded Rotageek where he and his co-founder Chris, set their sights on improving workforce management, by utilising cutting-edge data-driven techniques.

Today, some of the worlds most respected companies are using the Rotageek platform to efficiently manage their staff and improve employee retention.

Episode Highlights

  • Nick’s Backstory [1:31]
  • How Nick co-founded Rotageek with Chris McCullough, discovering a gap in the market and Rotageek’s evolution [2:55]
  • Rotageek’s client’s from the beginning to now [9:27]
  • Solving the problem of employee rostering, explaining how Rotageek solves the problem of employee roster management[11:36]
  • How does Rotageek manage fairness in rostering [15:42]
  • The existing staff rostering model and how automation software like Rotageek will impact existing models [17:42]
  • Where does Ai fit within employee scheduling and what does AI mean for this technology? [19:27]
  • Managing the data and the technical infrastructure [22:35]
  • Team innovation within Rotageek, how Nick manages and inspires innovation within the company [24:20]
  • The competitive landscape of employee scheduling and what makes Rotageek unique [29:54]
  • The future of Rotageek, what are their plans for markets and verticals? [32:03]
  • Nicks personal advice for success and innovation. [36:18]

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