You are currently viewing The future of social impact management, with Brad Gurrie | Episode 008

The future of social impact management, with Brad Gurrie | Episode 008

Brad has always been at the forefront of disruptive change.

In 2004 Brad was the general manager of It was there that he saw the power that a disruptive platform can have in changing consumer behaviour.

In 2012 he moved in as head of strategy for Catch Group (formerly Catch of the day), one of Australia’s most innovative and fastest growing e-commerce retailers.

Today Brad is the CEO of Socialsuite, a social management platform that is revolutionising the way organisations manage their social impact and make a change for good.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brad’s career background, how he got started in tech, his roles in, TravelZoo and Catch Group [1:11]
  • What is socialsuite and how can it benefit an organisations social objectives [6:17]
  • Socialsuite’s predictive intelligence, processing the big data sets to get insights using real-world variables [8:00]
  • The customer segmentation of social impact measurement and the organisations that can take advantage of social impact software [09:58]
  • The ROI of social impact measurement and strategy of agile capital deployment [13:22]
  • Why the data is necessary for making high impact decisions within an organisation [14:20]
  • Socialsuite’s $1.85M pre-series-A funding of, what they learned and the next steps [15:10]
  • Social Suite’s international markets and project with Foundation Paraguay [16:48]
  • Collecting data from 1 million families, how foundation Paraguay is leveraging technology to collect such large amounts of data [18:57]
  • The project with Bendigo Bank and YMCA bridge project, how Socialsuite has helped these projects and partnerships [21:28]
  • Reporting social impact as effectively as financial performance, Socialsuite’s vision statement and mission to improve the measurement of non-financial components within an organisation [23:41]
  • The disruption of social impact measurement technology and the opportunities it will provide [26:45]
  • The future of social impact technology and where it is heading [30:04]
  • Team innovation within Socialsuite, how Brad fosters innovation within the organisation [31:56]
  • Brad’s personal strategies for success [34:16]
  • [35:32] Brad’s book recommendation

Book Recommendation:

The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses – by Eric Ries

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