Using AI to improve fertility rates in IVF, with Dr​. Don Perugini – Episode 004

Using AI to improve fertility rates in IVF, with Dr​. Don Perugini – Episode 004

Dr Perugini has been in the field of Artificial Intelligence for over 20 years.

It was as a research scientist for the Department of Defence where he identified that AI could be used commercially to solve real-world problems.

In 2007 He formed his first AI company, gaining rapid growth and global attention, within 8 short years it was successfully acquired by Ernst and Young.

In 2017 he formed his next AI venture where he and his partners would set themselves on a mission to improve the fertility rates of IVF patients.

Today Dr Perugini is the co-founder of both Life Whisperer and Presagen, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to improve patient outcomes and help create a healthier world for all.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr Perugini’s backstory, the EY acquisition & starting Life whisperer [1:28]
  • Presagen – an AI platform for image-based medical diagnostics [4:10]
  • The IVF process explained and how AI can improve the embryo selection process [5:04]
  • AI in the decision-making process [6:41]
  • Using AI to non-invasively detect Down-Syndrome in the IVF process [7:26]
  • The effects AI will have on the training of embryologists [8:48]
  • The challenges of AI adoption within the medical field [9:40]
  • Using image-based AI for other applications and markets [12:33]
  • Processing the data, deep learning and computer vision explained. Data privacy within the medial industry [15:44]
  • Deep learning explained [19:15]
  • The ethics of AI, making autonomous decisions, transparency of the techniques and trusting the machine [20:39]
  • The importance of proof points in advanced technologies [23:06]
  • The jobs that will be created as a result of this AI disruption. The flow on effects [23:50]
  • How Watson has helped advance the progress of AI in the medical [25:06]
  • Joint venturing with medical institutes to get market penetration. How Presagen works with their partners and the importance of being a global player [27:08]
  • Managing innovation within the organisation, investing in your team, experimenting & managing failure [30:43]
  • How to Retain talented people within the team, hiring for high tech jobs such as AI and data science, the challenges and strategy [33:10]
  • Don’s personal strategies for success and what inspires him [35:37]

Book Recommendation:

A Good Hard Kick in The Ass  – by Rob Adams

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