You are currently viewing The future of cash flow financing, with Charlotte Petris | Episode 009

The future of cash flow financing, with Charlotte Petris | Episode 009

Charlotte, has over 20 years experience within the corporate finance sector, working with some of the worlds top companies such as Credit Suisse and KPMG.

Frustrated with the existing financial models and passion for technology, Charlotte wanted to find a better way for businesses to gain access to short term capital.

In 2014, Charlotte co-founded Timelio, a platform that seeks to revolutionise the way organisations can access short term capital, by connecting investors with businesses in real-time.

Today, Charlotte is both Co-Founder of Timelio and a member of the Australian Federal Government’s FinTech Advisory Group. Her passion for Fintech is unparalleled and is actively involved in shaping Australia’s Fintech Industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Charlotte’s backstory [1:22]
  • The Timelio platform and how it solves the problem of cashflow management leveraging a peer to peer marketplace [5:48]
  • What is Fintech? An explanation of the fintech industry and the challenges of regulations enabling the industry to thrive. Charlotte’s role in Fintech Australia and the Federal government advisory board for Fintech.[9:23]
  • Fintech in Australia, their key objectives in the industry and industry growth [14:40]
  • Timelio’s seed round funding and capital raising, totalling $5.5M, working with their investors for business success [15:53]
  • The difference between the traditional finance models and new Fintech models [18:11]
  • The amount of funding that Timelio has enabled through the platform [22:40]
  • One of Timelio’s customer stories and how that enabled this particular organisation to grow their turnover 3 fold within a few years [24:20]
  • The challenges of business lending and why Fintech is important for the future of business [26:15]
  • The disruption that Fintech brings, the evolution of disruptive innovations and the shifts of power between organisations [26:58]
  • How large corporates are taking advantage of financial technologies to maximise their cashflow and boost margins [31:43]
  • Excel: The other Fintech competitor [34:05]
  • Timelio’s innovative team culture [34:35]
  • Charlotte’s personal innovation strategies and book recommendation [35:48]

Book Recommendation:

Chaos Monkeys: Inside the Silicon Valley Money Machine

Additional Resources:

Timelio’s website:

Charlotte Petris: LinkedIn