You are currently viewing The future of workplace mentoring, with Heidi Holmes | Episode 012

The future of workplace mentoring, with Heidi Holmes | Episode 012

Heidi’s career began at KPMG, where, over a 7 year period she went from tax accounting to marketing manager and eventually leaving to pursue her new start-up Adage, a mature age job board.

It was during her time at Adage when Heidi identified the benefits that peer-to-peer mentoring can have on both individual and organisational performance.

In 2014 Adage was successfully acquired by OneShift and shortly after, Heidi joined forces with her co-founder and friend, Lucy Lloyd to launch a software platform with a mission to make mentoring mainstream.

Today, Heidi is the co-founder of Mentorloop, a software platform designed to help organisations run more effective mentoring programs for better engagement, retention and productivity.

Episode Highlights:

  • Heidi’s entrepreneurial background and early days at KPMG. [01:32]
  • How Heidi co-founded Mentorloop and the gap in the marketplace. [02:54]
  • The importance of a people-first culture within organisations and some of the challenges with internal cultures. [05:48]
  • The challenges that Human Resources Managers faces within today’s corporate environments and the pressures from the C-Suite. [07:31]
  • The latent knowledge and talent hidden within organisations and how to match people together to get the most out of P2P internal mentoring. [11:31]
  • The organisations that are currently using mentoring to gain a competitive advantage. [14:08]
  • Mentorloop’s funding rounds and growth success. The challenges and lessons learned. [15:45]
  • The risks of not implementing internal mentorships within organisations and how mentorship is one of the most efficient professional development frameworks in use today. [20:42]
  • The success story of how Out for Australia used mentoring to build confidence within specific groups in their organisation. [27:46]
  • The future of work and the importance of mentorship for organisations with remote workforces. [32:00]
  • Mentorship as a way to facilitate human re-connection in a world of technology and separation. [29:30]
  • Heidi’s personal mentors and how mentorship has helped her through her own entrepreneurial journey. The importance of multiple mentors. [36:40]
  • Heidi’s book recommendation [40:57]

Book Recommendation:

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz

Additional Resources:

Mentorloop’s website:

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Heidi Holmes: LinkedIn

Lucy Lloyd: LinkedIn

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